Wounded Gladiator 19th Century Italian Bronze Grand Tour Figure

Bronze Statue Of Gladiator From A Master Of The 1800s, Bronze Wounded Gladiator, Italian sculpture from the second half of the 1800s in good condition. The figure is inspired by the Hellenistic sculpture depicting the Dying Gaul the famous marble Galata Morente in the Capitoline Museums in Rome, a popular subject for collecting in both the 18th and 19th century Grand Tour periods.The work is signed by an unidentified author as the signature on the edge of the base is illegible, see photo detail. It depicts  a now vanquished warrior, a gladiator with bleeding stab wounds in one leg and chest who, kneeling on the ground, raises his sword with a broken blade with one hand and holds his shield with the other.
The casting was made in earthenware and has a dark green patina; it dates from the second half of the 1800s and is in perfect condition. Under the base it bears a Venetian store label. This Italian sculpture  is a classical model, a stunning  souvenir for the European aristocracy to bring back from their Grand Tour.

Period: 1800

Height: 55 cm

Width: 55 cm

Depth: 31 cm

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