Questions relating to the sale

Call at 02 70635993 for an appointment at the store.send digital images in JPG format to: with all the news about the good that you are offering, money request, details of signatures or marks, indicating where we can see the goods. You can send photo prints via postal mail to our address: Ghilli Antiquities – via Ampere, 55 – 20131 Milano.We are always interested in: paintings and antique furniture, silver, bronzes, chandeliers, sconces, glass, sculptures and antique Chinese. We buy only items or vintage design. Do not retreat-style furniture, sewing machines or bedrooms early twentieth century .

Our estimates are free. Commercial offers are without obligation to each other. Only appraisals are extra.

No, we operate mainly in northern and central Italy. For assessments to the south of Latium, we make use of freelancers.

The valuations of property are made directly by Dr. Giovanella Architect Paolo Adolfo. To the offer is valid for a period of time generally given.

Receipt for you with no obligation for tax purposes and should not be included in the tax return.We pay the agreed amount, by check or bank transfer and organize the collection of the purchased, at our expense. We will compile with the personal data that a sales

Call on 02 70635993. We do not directly evictions but we can refer you to contractors, companies in our trust, they will do a site survey and provide you with a quote directly.

Questions relating to the purchase

Of course, the site is updated daily and the articles are available, if booked or sold, we make the product. Please remember that all items are on display and for purchase in our shop via Ampere, 55 in Milan. Browsing through the pages of our online catalog, you can add your products to the shopping cart and view at any time the amount spent, before making a purchase with the CONTINUE button.Once a method of payment, which is always anticipated in online shopping, proceed to register your email address and password. You fill your personal data and their delivery. Please indicate in the order, a destination address correctly, where there is someone who can get courier. You must also provide a telephone number and / or an email address to which you can be reached. Check all data in the summary page before you complete the purchase. You will receive a confirmation email and thanksgiving, with the number of your order.
Items purchased will be dispatched only after payment is received.

Payment methods accepted are:

    Ghilli di Giovanella Paolo Adolfo,
    Via Ampere 55, 20131 Milano
    Banca Popolare di Milano Ag. 356, Via Vallazze 62, 20131 Milano
    IBAN IT48 B 05584 01667 000000020216
  • Check payable to: Ghilli di Paolo Adolfo Giovanella.
  • Money order payable to: Ghilli di Paolo Adolfo Giovanella, Via Ampere 55,20131 Milano.
    Choosing PayPal as a payment method, at the conclusion of the order will be automatically directed to the PayPal login page where you can access your PayPal account using email and password and proceed with payment.
    They can be used all the credit cards belonging to Visa and Mastercard. Payment is made directly over a secure server CIM ITALY, to guarantee the absolute security of transactions. with this system, all credit card information passes directly over an encrypted connection. Nobody on the staff of Ghilli Antiquities or the Internet has access to the data provided.

Domande relative alla spedizione

Le spese di imballo e trasporto nel territorio nazionale (isole escluse) sono incluse nel prezzo.

Queste è una PROMOZIONE che abbiamo deciso di praticare al fine di favorire l’acquirente e soprattutto di semplificare le procedure d’acquisto; si tratta di uno sconto importante che rende le nostre offerte primaverili ancora più competitive!!!

The costs of packaging and transportation in the country (excluding islands) are included in the price UNTIL 31/05/2015.

This is a PROMOTION that we decided to practice in order to favor the buyer, and especially to simplify the buying process, it is a significant discount that makes our spring offers even more competitive!!!

Shipments shall be made only after receipt of payment. After 24/48 hours of payment, Ghilli Antiquities promised to deliver the packaged product to the carrier, the times when you expand the size or type of the purchased require specific packaging. It ‘should be made clear that sending antiques requires a series of slow and delicate operation, therefore, in some cases, delivery can not be timely.PACKAGING

Ghilli Antiquities pays particular attention to methods of packaging.These methods require different processes depending on the object, that affect the timing (maximum fifteen additional days), depending on the type of object to send you opt for a different method of packaging, which can vary from single coating with bubble wrap or cardboard coatings to more complex, and imbancalati box body.The packaging will be done after removing the object, if you can.The packing material is not to make.The operation will end with labels and transport documentation.Check if your shipping address is correct and always communicates a telephone number: it will be possible for the courier to contact you in case of mishaps.

We ship worldwide! Costs and timing of international shipments are determined from time to time depending on the destination and the nature of the goods.


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