Early 18th century Landscape with Figures

Early 18th century oil on canvas Lombard painting depicting a landscape with figures. perfect condition, lined and restored, within modern painted frame.
Allegory of love and fertility. This is the theme of the paintinghighlighted by the recent restoration, which removing previousrepaintings has highlighted the figures of Adonis, (on the right) Venus (on the left of the painting) and Mars. The legend says that Adonis was born from the trunk of a tree open.

Adonis (on the right) armed with a spear, while hunting with his dogs.Her beauty was proverbial and Venus felt in love with him, a consuming,unrequited passion.
One day while he was hunting Adonis, was mortally wounded by a wild boar. the goddess, who was passing on her chariot, came to his aid, but it was too late. Legend tells that even the blood of young fertilizes the earth.

The tree is the central focus of the work, associated with the cult of the Mother Earth, female symbol of fertility. Venus, ont he left side ot the work, accompanied by the carriage with the swans (attribute of her beauty), is located on the banks of a river with Mars in love with her.
They lie together, the god sleeps with her head thrown back.
Probably Venus was holding an unlit torch, symbol of the absence of love on the part of Adonis. The death of Adonis’myth is one the commemorative events of thefertility rites.

Period: 1700


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