Ghilli.it celebrates its 10th anniversary!

In 10 years of online activity ghilli.it has achieved excellent results and is now the leading and most popular Italian antiques website.

  • More than 100,000 visitors every year, thousands of Italian and foreign clients  represent our “energy suppliers”; and this is just the beginning!
  • Comparing data, ghilli.it traffic is growing  of  10% every year,  and that’s why we are so motivated and cannot disappoint our customers. Our web-site provides us with  reliable insightful reports about our online performance. These analyzes let us understand which pages of ghilli.it are most popular. We can therefore outline the following geographic and demographic characteristics of visitors / clients.


Ghilli.it: 10 years of growth! 
  • In these 10 years of on-line communication, we created 2 websites, transforming the previous static site into a new e-commerce website, converting visitors into real customers.
  • We have created our online magazine antiquariatomagazine consulted by more than 9,200 users in the last year.
  • We join the leading national and international online platform for antiques and art, such as  Anticoantico, Ltwid, Proantik.
  • We have  just started a social media business plan.
  • In our gallery we have organized  cultural events and exhibitions and we shared online video and catalogs.
Ghilli.it:  coming soon. 
In occasion of EXPO Milano 2015, we are planning  the following exhibitions and events in our workshop focused on food and nutrition over the centuries:
Good taste by Ghilli Antiques Gallery,
“Tureen” and its contents, 
Lighting in dining rooms and places over the centuries, 
Happy hour  with antiquarian conference …..and much more.
In 2015,  Ghilli, our Antiques Gallery located in  via Ampere 55, in Milan, Italy, will celebrate the 25th anniversary!


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