Pair of 19th Century Venetian Gondola Lanterns Baroque Style

Lovely pair of Italian Venetian Gondola lanterns, polychrome iron gondola lanterns in laquered iron sheet mounted on long red lacquered sticks. Each with hexagonal lantern in embossed iron sheet and are swinging and adorned within scrolling foliage along the sides; they have on each side a small window with an alternating yellow and red colored glass with small mirrors placed behind an oval horizontal opening.

On single-knopped iron stand, without base. They are 217 cm high. A laquered wooden support base could be customized if requested.
Originally used for candle lighting of gondola, they were both electrified in the 20th century with a large E27 Edison light and have no support base. Italy 1800.
One of Europe’s most romantic cities now has approximately 500 gondolas traveling the 150 canals that meander through it. A nocturnal gondola ride must be breathtaking. However, during the 17th-18th centuries it is said that these these canals were crossed by over 10,000 gondolas. Can you even imagine the spectacular sight of the darkness alive with these flickering antique gondola lanterns?

Period: 1800

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