German Terrestrial Table Globe 1950s Paul Räths Leipzig Designed By Arthur Krause

German Terrestrial Table Globe Designed By Arthur Krause is a political globe 21 cm diameter, made by the firm Paul Räths, Nachf. KG, Leipzig, GDR East Germany and designed by Arthur Krause. It is in German and dates back to the 1950s. Shows the political division of the world, with the borders of the various countries and the names of nations. It is an important cartographic tool that provides information on global political geography and is used for educational and research purposes.

The map is printed on twelve segments, applied to a cardboard sphere, the globe rotates on a central axis and is supported by a turned wooden pedestal. While Räths’ globes are not hard to find, the small size, excellent condition, and the base in excellent condition that holds the globe makes this globe an excellent piece of furniture that is also interesting from a historical geographic, collectible, and antiquarian point of view.

Condition is very good, only a small peeling of about two millimeters is present at Mongolia.

The mapping is detailed, and the surface is all legible; there are major shipping routes, rail lines (in red), and the dotted border between East and West Germany. Colonies and protectorates are indicated in the color of the mother state.

The inscription, placed above the Equator and west of Central America, reads: Räths / Politischer Erdglobus / Herausgeber: Prof. Dr. Arthur Krause / Durchmesser 21 cm / Maßstab 1:60000000 / Verlag:Paul Räths, Nachf. KG, Leipzig / Verlag Lizenz Nr. K6 / Duck: VEB Hermann Haack, Gotha / Mdl der DDR Nr. 2867 Druckerei Lizenz Nr. K134

Period: 1900

Height: 36.5 cm

Diameter: 21 cm

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