Early 19th Century Italian Louis XV Style Frame Carved Giltwood Frame

Early 19th century Italian Louis XV style altar giltwood frame, a charming antique carved and giltwood frame, altar cards or cantagloria from Italy.
Shaped, with scrolling and acanthus leaf deep carving, it is realized in cembran pinewood and has an original gold leaf gilding, dating back to early 19th century and in good age related condition, with signs of wear and restorations. It comes from a private Italian collection.
It does not include any glass or lyturgical inscriptions, this antique Italian small frame can be used as decorative antique frame, small mirror or picture frame.
In Italy these antique religious artworks have been placed on the altar only during Mass and they usually contain the prayers that the priest recites during the Mass.

This antique Italian Louis XV frame will be superlative as hanging wall decorations or on a support, to adorn an antique furniture.
Internal frame measures almost 20 cm height by 13 cm w. by 1 cm d.

Period: 1800

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