A Pair of 17th Century Italian Flowers Still Life Paintings

17th century Italian School still life of flowers in a vase, set of two unframed  paintings.  Oil on canvas with dark background and finely defined flowers.

These Italian Old Master paintings features a well balanced composition arranged according to a pyramid scheme with flowers of various kinds, fruits on the base and  birds in the upper part. Colors are warm with shades of reds and whites without contrasts, all extremely delicate and soft.

This beautiful Italian 1600 oil on canvas  still life works are realized with an abundance of flowing flowers and leaves. The floral composition has an extreme exuberance and skills in assembling different flowers, gathered in a bunch. The decorative purposes is enhanced by the variety of painted flowers; you find peonies, roses, tulips, carnations, polychrome wildflowers , but also unreal, invented, fantasy flowers. In these Italian antique floral compositions flowers are the real protagonist in the foreground while everything else is revealed such as the indefinite brass vase and the squared tabletop. Italian School, 17th century, this pair of still lifes of flowers  show old restorations, restored around 1950s: canvas lining, new stretcher and painting retouches. They are in fairly good age related condition.

Period: 1600

Height: 94.5 cm

Width: 71 cm

Depth: 2 cm

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