19th Century Neoclassical Roman Gilt Bronze Putto with Dove on Malachite Base

Roman sculpture of neoclassical taste, Putto With Dove In Gilt Bronze on green malachite base in good condition. The cherub figure is seated on stepped basement, is covered by a single cloth drape resting on the pelvis and hooked on the back with a shoulder strap. The sculpture depicts a seated angel, face turned to the right, toward the hand holding a dove, at face height. Excellent gilding. Of particular quality are the curls of the hair, which, as well as the drapery, are masterfully chiseled. The figure is resting on a malachite cube 8 cm. on a side. The listed measurements also include the green hard stone plinth. The sculpture only measures 15 cm. high, 6.8 cm. deep and 5.8 cm. wide. It is in excellent condition consistent with dating to the first half of the 19th century; it is of Roman origin but comes from a private collection in Lombardy.

Period: 1800

Height: 23 cm

Width: 8 cm

Depth: 8 cm

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